James Shrosbree

Artist Statement

Between what is known and not known is the wakefulness of the present, without past or future. This abstract nature of reality is not really about doing or what has been done and becomes artifact, but what is. Ultimately it is a connectedness that plays the role of "life spark", always unspent, continuously potent, before and after every moment. It is the seed of imagination. Making art opens the door to this area. Opening that door is my reason for creating anything. Attempting that means I have first been there, consciously or unconsciously.

One comes to the process with a certain capacity for experience. Being curious about the world involves, essentially, an investigation into the nature of the self and the structure of what one is made of: energy, pattern, intelligence and connection to origin.

Curiosity is a gift that is fulfilled through the ability to listen. Listening to the quietest messages focuses the attention at the moment a "thing" is manifested. That involves timing. Timing is rhythm and without it we are lost. Utilizing time is dancing with time and not being consumed by it. The perfection of that moment can yield the emergence of a new reality. There is sheer joy in the authenticity of it. Owning more of that connectedness throughout the process of creating is reason enough to continue.